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5 Reasons Why Every Brit Must Own A Mini

While automotive technology has definitely gone a long way since the classic Minis came about in 1959, there’s no reason why they can’t make a comeback. The Mini’s iconic curves, economical size, and zippy handling have definitely stood the test of time—now living on through the models of BMW, whose line of MINIs are still unmistakably British looking, but now German in engineering. 

If you’ve been wondering why the Mini is such as a classic car, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five reasons why the world needs to see more Minis on the road and why your garage will certainly look better with a swanky Mini parked in it. 

The Mini was a racetrack star

In 1959, the British public marvelled at the release of the new Mini and was instantly attracted by its looks. However, nobody would have ever guessed that the humble Mini would go on to bag touring car and rallycross competitions at the legendary hands of Pat Moss and Paddy Hopkirk. 

Owing to its small size, the Mini was lighter than most cars. However, the secret to the Mini’s speed was the modifications made by race car builder John Cooper, who transferred the transverse-mounted engine at the back, which improved stability during hard cornering and provided more power for acceleration. Cooper’s version of the Mini is the reason why we have what is known as the “Mini Cooper.” 

The Mini is a true British car

Whether you live in London or are just an avid fan of the United Kingdom, in general, there’s nothing more British than the Mini. Save for perhaps, double-decker buses, the union flag—which many Mini owners choose as their roof’s design—and red pillar-boxes, the Mini is as British as you can possibly get. 

The Mini is a classic car design

Tastes change, and many car designs come and go, but that doesn’t fall true for Sir Alec Issigoni’s Mini. After all, how many car designs from the 1950s can boast having made it well into the 2000s, and still continue to be popular today? In this regard, the Mini and its several variations are truly unparalleled. If you go to any shop that has vintage cars for sale, chances are, most customers are making a beeline for the Mini. 

The Mini has a model for everyone

While the whole car line follows an unmistakable design language, the Mini line is definitely not a one-trick pony. The Mini starts with the original entry-level one, but climbs up to the popular Cooper, the sportier Cooper S, and the high-powered John Cooper Works Countryman. There’s even the Mini Moke, arguably the most unique looking Mini ever, which is available as a four-seat buggy or a two-seat Mini pickup. 

The Mini was a movie star

While we prefer you to watch the Michael Caine flick before Mark Wahlberg’s 2003 remake, both versions of the Italian Job films do feature different versions of the Mini Cooper S. In both versions, the modified Mini Cooper S cars serve as getaway vehicles that carry stolen gold from the city of Turin, Italy.  


When it comes to classic cars, the Mini is the car to beat. Although it may not have the cleanest emission nor is it the fastest, it is still arguably the best car currently in circulation. For the people who truly know their car history at least, the Mini will never go out of style. For everybody who’s never driven much less owned one, driving a Mini will be an experience that you’ll never forget. 

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