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3-Door vs. 5-Door Mini Cooper: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

Mini coopers smite many people as the little go-getter offers plenty of potentials to fit in its small frame. It’s one of the most luxurious hatchbacks that can guarantee a smooth-sailing ride for your journeys, but finding the perfect mini that meets your lifestyle can be tricky. 

There’s no doubt that the brand can pack as much panache as it is practical when stepping on the gas, but this begs the question: should you buy the mini cooper 3-door or the 5-door? Both are eye-catching and can steal gazes on the road, but the choice largely depends on your daily usage and needs. 

A Look Behind The Wheel Of a 3-Door and 5-Door Mini Cooper: What’s the Difference? 

1. Space 

More than anything else, one of the biggest advantages – or drawbacks, depending on your preference – is that a 5-door mini cooper is significantly bigger than your 3-door counterpart. The rear end extends up to 4,005 mm in length, 1,727 mm in width, and 1,414 in height, which is expected since it needs more space to accommodate two extra rear doors. 

The 3-door mini cooper, on the other hand, has dimensions measuring around 3,850 in length, 1,727 mm in width, and 1,414 in height, making it a few margins smaller.

2. Experience 

Beyond influencing its aesthetic appeal, the extra space in a 5-door mini cooper can make it easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. People can comfortably sit in the back seat without pushing the front seat forward, giving everyone enough legroom to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  

There is also a spare room to fit in groceries, making it an excellent choice for families, road trips, and social situations. 3-door mini coopers, on the other hand, only have doors for the front seat and the trunk. While there’s enough space in the back for more people to tag along, it can be slightly inconvenient with the lack of versatility. 

Its lack of knee room makes up for the fact that parking a 3-door mini cooper is significantly easier. It’s the best choice for drivers who plan to use it as a standalone, signature vehicle for arriving in your office in style.

3. Price 

It’s no surprise that a 5-door mini cooper comes at a steeper price of £16,895, but the extra hundred pounds is worth it if you’re looking for a more spacious feel and versatile mini. The 3-door mini cooper doesn’t come far behind, following up with a great value of £16,195.

The Bottom Line: Choosing The Ideal Mini Cooper That Suits Your Needs And Lifestyle 

Fans of mini coopers have multiple options when choosing the best ride to hit the road with as the selection offers different features without straying too far from the iconic look of a 3-door mini. For those looking to stick with the classics, a 3-door mini is right up your alley.

For those looking for more space to fit your lifestyle, a 5-door mini cooper can be just as charming as its cousin, only with more versatility and practicality. 

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