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Our Guide to the Classic MINI Cooper’s Remarkable History

The Classic MINI: Among all the different automotive figures that have made their mark in driving history all over the world, none are as well-revered as this British icon. 

In comparison with the longer and larger models that were produced during the rise of the British automotive industry, the MINI stood out because it featured a much smaller wheelbase and a 60 bhp engine that packed a punch. Instead of following the large and elegant norm seen in other models like the Bentley and Rolls Royce, Austin MINI decided to create something that was a delight to drive, which is when the Classic Cooper was born.

Beloved by millions of enthusiasts from all walks of life today, it’s no secret that the Classic MINI Cooper bears an image that’s irreplicable than any other car of its time or even models from today!

Everything you need to know about the Classic MINI’s history

While there may be many different ways to truly appreciate this larger-than-life figure of automotive history, getting to know more about its early years is the best way to cultivate a newfound sense of appreciation. If you’ve been leaning towards owning a Classic MINI Cooper of your own or want to learn more about this icon, here’s a quick and thorough guide to the rich history behind it: 

New beginnings: Morris MINI

In 1957, Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company initiated the plans for what would eventually become one of the United Kingdom’s top-selling cars.

During that period, he issued his finest engineer, Alec Issigonis, to assemble a team of designers and fulfil Great Britain’s need for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Starting with the design of its gearbox and transverse engine, the team not only figured out a more fuel-efficient way to get the average driver moving but also helped cars save more space for better usage.

By the time they finished handling the heartbeat of the car, they had moved on to taking care of other essential matters like the wheel placement, chassis orientation, and interior space maximisation. Little did the team of Issigonis know, however, that they created the very foundation of go-kart handling that MINI would be known for to this day. 

Mainstream introduction 

After the necessary tweaks were made to the final iteration, Sir Leonard Lord, Alec Issigonis, and their team of designers and automotive engineers created the first Morris MINI.

The introduction of the model was a success. It was a hit with automotive enthusiasts and UK drivers because of its small yet punchy 848cc engine, smart use of space, and next-level handling. After this model hit the market, it didn’t take too long for many others to tinker with the car, one of whom was race car builder John Cooper.

Motorsport success

With his extensive knowledge of racecar building and experience on the track, Cooper tweaked the British commuter into a full-fledged, track-tearing iteration to maximise its potential. With an increase of 149 cc, additional SU carburettors, close-ratio gearbox, and front disc-brakes, the race car builder created what was known as the first Morris MINI Cooper. 

This model was exceptionally successful in various races, such as the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally, which solidified the rationality of John Cooper’s belief in the purebred commuter and its untapped racing potential. The Cooper-improved model won the competitions mentioned above in 1964, 1965, and 1967 and this drew the attention of many looking to succeed in later rallies. 

After its overwhelmingly-positive reception and success in tracks worldwide, the Morris Company quickly produced and sold more than a million units during the height of the model’s Monte Carlo success. From this point onwards, the company—together with John Cooper—created the immensely successful mark one and mark two MINI Coopers, eventually forming the classic MINI we all know and love today. 


Apart from its top-quality handling, icon status, irresistible charm, and unmistakable styling, one of the many aspects that makes the classic MINI Cooper so unique is its rich history. Although it may have started as an effort to deliver a cost and fuel-efficient driving experience, Morris eventually introduced a future classic that would go on to become the most legendary figure of British automotive history! 

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