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The Luxury Econobox: Sir Paul McCartney’s Auctioned-Off Mini Cooper

When it comes to the world of automobiles, multiple vehicles have stood out in history. Many are aware of the premium and luxurious pedigree of supercar brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini, while many praise the reliability and iconic nature of Japanese car brands. While these two are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, rarely does anyone see cars that have a history of being economically friendly re-sell for over five times their retail price. 

Classic cars that appreciate are very few. Additionally, the only cars from the old world that really hold value well are those that had a premium back in the day. One car that did stand out was the classic Mini line. What started as a project to deal with the fuel crisis back in the day became a cultural icon that has found its way into the garages of various celebrities and influential people. 

A Glimpse at Sir Paul McCartney’s Mini 

An econobox meant for the consumer market found its way into the hands of the four members of The Beatles, thanks to their manager, Brian Epstein. The lads fell in love with their specially built cars from Mini, and one that stood out was Paul McCartney’s Morris Mini Cooper S DeVille. The Swinging Sixties were the absolute rage for music, cars, and living life at its finest. McCartney had one of three overhauled and modified Radford Minis from the South Kensington shop, and was fitted with the works. 

How Was It Decorated?

This econobox that was turned into a luxury car had a custom sunroof to enjoy when the sun came around, twin fog lamps inside the grille, and Aston Martin branded rear lights. Its steering wheel was a three-spoke one for a race-ready feel and had power windows with a walnut dashboard. To top it all off, it had plush leather seats to give the interior that extra premium look and feel. 

What was inside the hood was a different beast altogether. The bonnet housed a tuned and top-spec 1275cc engine that gave McCartney the option to hit a whopping top speed of 100 miles per hour. While it is uncertain if he ever did go that fast on UK roads, the possibility of this mean machine going that fast is quite fearsome. 

It was painted in a beautiful California Sage Green and appeared on the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour movie of The Beatles that had Paul standing in the background. It was registered in the UK and was enjoyed at its fullest as he took his future wife, Linda Eastman around in the passenger seat. 

SOLD to the Gentleman In That Seat!

Time took its toll on the works of the car, as it does with many vehicles. However, it was sold after a full restoration job in 2001 in an auction in the USA at Auburn for $236,500 (£182,000). This record-breaking Mini was dubbed as “a collector’s dream” solely because of its existence up to this date. 

John Lennon’s bespoke classic Mini is still somewhere out there, while George Harrison’s Mini resides with his wife. Ringo’s unique Hooper model was purchased by Geri Horner, a former Spice Girl, for £102,500.


For an econobox to have such an incredible history, it is no doubt that this is one of the best cars to have. Knowing that one of the most iconic groups of the Sixties took an interest in this consumer-grade car was something unheard of, and the small nature of the vehicle continues to capture hearts. 

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