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5 Considerations for a Road Trip Using a Classic Mini

A road trip is always a fun time, especially the lengthier ones where you step out of your city’s comfort zones and get even further into your journey. There is an optimistic rush when you start to reach more unfamiliar destinations, as you’ll enjoy new experiences away from home. Seeing various green scenes, smaller cities, towns, cultures, and other aspects of road trips is a crucial part of decompressing from the hustle and bustle of city life. The best part is that this is a low-cost travel and vacation plan!

However, going on a road trip in a classic car in the UK is something special. Imagine touring around and sucking in all the UK’s excellent vibrations in a classic Mini or even a vintage Jaguar. Nothing gets more authentic in terms of the British experience than a road trip with a vehicle from the mid-1900s. 

Before Going On Your Classic Car Road Trip, Consider These Things:

As awesome as the vibe is when cruising along using a classic car, whether it is a classic Mini or a vintage Land Rover, there is no doubt that time has taken its toll on these machines. No matter how well it is restored, the chances are that most components are already decades-old, bearing the status of “brand new, old stock.” Any owner of these old machines will tell you the headaches involved with owning one, which makes it the ultimate labour of love for car owners. 

Here are some things to check before you hit the roads for the lengthy trip:

1. Change and Check Your Fluids

You will likely want to check the status of the fluids in your car. Checking the engine oil levels, the coolant levels, and other applicable fluids your classic car might have will make journeys safer and less stressful. Going long distances is different from the grocery store trip, so ensuring that the limits of the fluids have not decreased significantly is essential. Any low levels typically indicate a leak somewhere you will want to fix before anything travels. 

If you haven’t changed the fluids in your classic Mini recently, it would be a good idea to invest in a full set of new engine oils and coolant products to keep the engine smoothly running. Coolant will help your engine stay at a steady temperature, as summer road trips put extra stress on the vehicle’s radiator and can cause overheating that will leave you stranded. 

2. Change the Battery

Heading out on summer days can often be tougher on the battery compared to other seasons. Additionally, a battery over a few years old might be prone to failing at any time. If you are planning a big road trip and you suspect your battery might be heading to the end of its life expectancy, it’s better to change it right away. Replacing it will save you from the headache of breaking down in the middle of your journey. 

3. Inspect the AC

The AC unit is essential for summer road trips. Cars can be like ovens when left out in the sun, and the UK has been recording some of the hottest summer days of all time. If you notice that your classic Mini takes a while to cool up, it might be time for an HVAC inspection. 

4. Check Tyres, Brakes, and Suspension Units

Your car needs these to all be in good condition, so ensuring that the tyres have a healthy tread level will help stop the vehicle on wet or badly-paved roads. Checking the pressure is part of the whole process, as properly inflated tyres ensure safety when moving at speed. Braking is a no-brainer, as cars cannot stop without a good set of brake pads. Ensuring that the brake pads installed are still thick and have a good bite is essential. Additionally, suspension can be dangerous to a vehicle if damaged, as this provides stability when running at high speeds. 

5. Check the Various Belts

The timing belt is deadly, as this can break your classic Mini if it snaps. It will also warrant a hefty price to fix and often hurts the rest of the components. Fan belts and alternator belts also allow the car to continue running smoothly, so ensuring that the rubber is in good condition will make your road trip the safest. 


Classic cars are a labour of love, and well-restored ones garner plenty of looks. The vibe of driving a classic Mini or any vintage car is incredible, and once you can see the sights of areas far surpassing your own limits, there’s no going back from there. When you ensure that the parts and fluids are all in good condition, everything is pretty much set!

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