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3 Tips to Improve the Look of Your Classic Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers continue to maintain their popularity not only in the UK but also across several countries in the world. Due to their unique appearance and size, car owners who have a knack for collecting vintage cars for sale usually prefer them better than other classic vehicles.

If you own a classic Mini and you want to ensure your car continues to provide you with the service you need through the years, it’s essential to maintain its excellent condition. If you can commit yourself to your auto, you can even set your eyes on joining a Mini competition and showcase your car in hopes of winning the grand prize!

Without further ado, read on below to find out three tips on how to enhance the look of your Mini and maintain the upkeep of your beloved classic car:

1. Check The Tyres Regularly

Your Mini’s tyres are an integral part of the car because, after all, you can’t possibly see yourself driving down the road without them! Typical Mini cars have ‘145’ tyres installed which indicate its tread width. If you want an improved setup, it will help if you upgrade them to ‘165’ tyres for a better driving experience and firmer control of your vehicle.

It’s essential to inspect your tyres regularly by assessing the tread depth for signs of uniform wear on your tyre’s dimensions and examine any potential cracks on its inner and outer tyre walls. Since a classic Mini is a front-wheel driving and steering vehicle, you can expect the front tyres to wear down quicker.

Take note that when your tyres are more worn out on their outside surface rather than their middle part, the tyres could lack inflation. But if they are more worn out in the middle, they hold excess air. Meanwhile, if the front tyres aren’t balanced, and one has more worn edges than the other, it could indicate either a misalignment, too much positive or negative camber, or castor.

2. Learn to Manage The Subframes

Aside from your classic Mini’s tyres, you also need to make an effort to examine the durability of the front and rear subframes because they serve to carry your entire car’s suspension. Because of the low ground clearance of a classic Mini, its subframes can take a beating from merely cruising past a speed bump!

Handling your Mini’s subframes and continuously checking for any signs of damage is important so that you can keep your car from accumulating rust, which eventually decreases its value. Your subframes can also become distorted, further placing an impact on your steering and suspension activities.

Subframes that have exceeded the likelihood for them to be repaired can be replaced but will require a professional’s help to ensure your classic Mini can continue running smoothly. On the other hand, you will also have to ensure that your car’s rubber mountings are intact because they can deteriorate and will require a replacement after some time.

3. Double Check The Height of Your Mini

UK Minis are well-known for their size that they can easily be spotted and recognised by automobile enthusiasts and individuals alike. When it comes to considering a classic Mini for sale, you need to make sure that its height is equal on all sides, including the bottom of the car from the pavement.

Remember that a Mini’s height can influence its centre of gravity, which connects to your car’s capacity to react whenever you step on the brakes. The right factory settings for a Mini’s height are 320mm from the wheel’s centre to its front underside arch and 330mm on its rear. 

Likewise, the weight of your Mini’s engine can affect the condition of your vehicle because its components can become compressed after a long while. In turn, the front suspension height of the vehicle will be affected because it enhances the caster angle and negative chamber, which pushes your car’s centre of gravity forward and inevitably ruining its handling capabilities.


If you want to ensure you can maintain the upkeep of your classic Mini, you should make an effort to check your tyres regularly, manage your subframes, and double-check your car’s height. Bringing your Mini to a car specialist when it’s necessary can also increase the chances of having your car around for an extended period, so you can spend your days driving it everywhere you go!

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