Our Winners

“I’ve had a couple of minis over the years and really regretted selling both of them! I started to look again recently but it was pretty clear my budget wouldn’t stretch very far and with a baby on the way I really needed to get a bigger car certainly not one of the smallest! 

I entered Ukminis competition as soon as I saw it! It might not be sensible to buy a mini with a baby on the way but winning one is a whole different story! And seeing as I’m not spending any money down the pub at the minute I bought a couple of tickets.

When Samuel pulled my ticket out I couldn’t believe it my heart was thumping through my chest and Couldn’t stop smiling (still haven’t). Huge thank you to Samuel/UKminis! Il definitely be entering the next one. 

See you at the shows when all this madness is over!”

Luke Sawyers (Essex)
Winning Ticket No. 1003