Our Winners

When I took a punt and bought a couple of £12.99 tickets to win a mini I was under no illusion the chances of me winning were slim, im never that person who wins! Roll on 2 weeks later and here I am the proud owner of an amazing mini clubman! Best day ever.

From start to finish samuel was so brilliant, obliging on more than one occasion when I bugged him for photos and videos!

Finally a mini owner again after 17 years!

Andrew Walter (Devon)
Winning Ticket No. 1185

Draw date 16th June 2020

I’ve wanted to own a mini since I was about 14. After years of looking and never really finding a decent project car, I gave up and guessed I’d just keep looking and someday find one.

I entered the previous competition, so when I saw the one for Orb I thought I’d buy two tickets and double my chances. However I didn’t have a PayPal account so I used my girlfriends. As a joke I said that if I won, she didn’t have to get me any birthday presents. She’s very happy about this fact.

Because I’m in Australia I wasn’t awake for the winner announcement. So when I woke up and checked to see who had won, I didn’t really believe what I was seeing. Once I realised it wasn’t a mistake and I had actually won, I couldn’t stop smiling. Still can’t. I’ve had the biggest grin on my face ever since. Finally got the car I’ve always dreamed of owning and in the most crazy and unexpected way.

Now I just want to get Orb shipped to Australia as soon as possible so I can start going on some road trips. 

Huge thank you to Samuel/UKminis for making this possible.

Adam Poole (Australia)
Winning Ticket No. 585

Draw date 31st May 2020

“I’ve had a couple of minis over the years and really regretted selling both of them! I started to look again recently but it was pretty clear my budget wouldn’t stretch very far and with a baby on the way I really needed to get a bigger car certainly not one of the smallest! 

I entered Ukminis competition as soon as I saw it! It might not be sensible to buy a mini with a baby on the way but winning one is a whole different story! And seeing as I’m not spending any money down the pub at the minute I bought a couple of tickets.

When Samuel pulled my ticket out I couldn’t believe it my heart was thumping through my chest and Couldn’t stop smiling (still haven’t). Huge thank you to Samuel/UKminis! Il definitely be entering the next one. 

See you at the shows when all this madness is over!”

Luke Sawyers (Essex)
Winning Ticket No. 1003

Draw date 14th May 2020